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Blog posts February 2017

Pericardial Effusion

Dear Dr. Munjewar

I am suffering from high blood pressure and thyroid disease. Recently on my doctor’s advice, I got my 2D echo done, which shows PERICARDIAL EFFUSION. What does this mean? (I have sent my echo report on your mail

(DK, Jharkhand)

Dear Mr DK

Please …

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High Blood Pressure

Dear Sir

Few days back when I showed to my doctor for a skin problem, he measured my BP which was found to be high (144/90mmHg). My age is 47 years and I never had a blood pressure problem and I have never been on any regular medicines. Do I need to worry about this high BP? What should I do?


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Chest Pain After Meals

Dear Munjewar sir

My father has chest pain since last two months. It increases after meals and after his morning walk. He has high blood pressure since last 5 years. Can this pain be related to heart disease? What tests should be done to confirm this?

​(DKN, Chhindwara)

Dear Mr DKN

This kind o…

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