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Blog posts May 2017

Hypertension Management

Can u give your view on basic management of hypertension in different age group and both gender?

​(Dr NKS, Mumbai)

Dear Dr NKS

There are many international guidelines given on this subject but the one best suited for the Indian patient is probably the one given by The Association of Physi…

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Blood Thinner Medicines

Dear Sir

My heart valve has been recently replaced with an artificial metal valve by an open heart surgery. I have been advised by my cardiologist to take a strong blood thinner medicine lifelong. Do I really need to take this medicine for such a long time? I am worried because I have been told t…

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Chest Heaviness

Dear Sir

I am a 31years old man. I am feeling heaviness in my chest since last one month especially when I am climbing stairs or walking fast. Can this be due to heart problem? But I am too young to have a heart problem. Isn’t it?

(MKM, Mumbai)

Hello Mr MKM

If the chest discomfort is …

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