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Sleeplessness After Angioplasty

Dear Sir
There is sleeping disturbance just after one week of angioplasty. Patient had good sleep before procedure and he was diagnosed with chronic stable angina. Angiography reveals 2 blockades, one with 95% main artery and terminal with 80%?

(IA, Delhi)

Dear Mr IA

From your message it seems that after angiography (the test to find out the blockages), angioplasty (the procedure to open the blocked vessels) has also been done and after that he has sleeplessness. The Question is,  what exact problem he has while sleeping - chest pain, breathlessness, disturbing thoughts, headache,  uneasinesss etc. The cause needs to found out and the treatment changes accordingly. Please show him to your cardiologist to get him properly examined to decide the final line of management appropriate for him. 

Thanks. Hope this helps. 

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